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MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05
      Title: A Cure for Pneumonia
      Yield: 1 Cure
  Take 6-10 onions, according to size and chop fine.
  Put in a skillet over a hot fire. Then add about
  the same quantity of rye meal and vinegar, enough
  to make a thick paste. In the meantime, stir it
  thoroughly, letting it simmer 5-10 minutes. Then
  put it in a cotton bag large enough to cover the
  lungs, and apply to the chest as hot as the
  patient can bear. When this gets cool, apply
  another and thus continue by reheating the
  poultices, and in a few hours the patient will be
  out of danger. this simple remedy has never failed
  in this too often fatal malady. Usually four
  applications will do, but continue always until
  perspiration starts freely from the chest.

***disclaimer***  This is an old-style, historical remedy,
hugs.org does not recommend any medical cures.  If you
have pneumonia, you should go to the doctor.


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