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      Title: Chicken Broth
      Yield: 4 Servings
  Cut up a chicken into small pieces an put it in a
  deep earthen dish, adding a quart of cold water,
  and set it over a boiling kettle. Cover closely
  and let it steam several hours until the meat of
  the chicken has become very tender, after which
  strain off the broth and let it stand over night.
  Skim off all fat in the morning and pour the broth
  into a bowl. Into the dish in which the broth was
  made put one third of a teacupful of rice in a
  teacupful of cold water, and steam as before until
  the rice is soft; then pour in the broth and steam
  an hour or two longer.
  Or: Put in a stock pot two pounds of lean beef,
  two pounds of lean veal, a large and tender fowl,
  two tablespoonfuls of salt and two gallons cold
  water; set on the fire, start slowly, and while
  boiling scum well; add two carrots, an onion with
  three cloves in it, two stalks of celery and two
  leeks and parsley roots tied together; let all
  boil slowly for five hours, adding at times a
  little water to replace the evaporation. When the
  fowl is done, take it off and keep for further
  use; then skim the fat and strain the broth
  through a wet napkin into a saucepan and keep

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