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MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05
      Title: Double Dilled Cheddar Loaf
      Yield: 10 Servings
      2 c  Flour
    1/4 c  Whole wheat flour
  2 1/2 ts Baking powder
      1 ts Salt
      1 ts Dill seeds
      1 ts Dried dill weed tops
    1/4 c  Cold butter; cut into bits
      1 c  Milk
      1    Egg at room temperature
      8 oz (2c) finely shredded cheddar
  Preheat oven to 375.
  Combine flours, baking powder, salt and dills. Cut
  in butter until it forms coarse crumbs.
  Mix egg and milk and add to flour mixture just to
  combine. Do not overmix.
  Scrape batter into a greased loaf pan and bake
  35-40 minutes until golden brown. Let cool in pan
  10 minutes; remove to wire rack.
  Bread may be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and
  frozen up to 3 months.

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