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MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05
      Title: Nut Caramel Icing
      Yield: 1 Servings
  1 1/4 c  Brown sugar
    1/3 c  Water
    1/4 c  Sugar
      2    Egg whites; beaten stiff
      1 ts Vanilla
    1/4 c  English walnuts; broken
  Boil sugars and water without stirring until syrup
  will thread when dropped from tip of spoon. Pour
  gradually, while beating constantly, on egg whites
  and continue beating until nearly cool. Set pan
  containing mixture into pan of boiling water and
  cook over flame, stirring constantly, until mixture
  becomes granular around edge of pan. Remove from
  water and beat, using a spoon, until mixture will
  hold its shape. Add nuts and vanilla. Spread.

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