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      Title: Roast Goose
      Yield: 4 Servings
  The goose should be absolutely young. Green geese
  are best, i.e., when about four months old. In
  trussing, cut the neck close to the back, leaving
  the skin long enough to turn over the back; beat
  the breast bone flat with the rolling pin; tie or
  skewer the legs and wings securely. Stuff the
  goose with the following mixture; Four large
  onions (chopped), ten sage leaves, quarter of a
  pound of bread crumbs, one and a half ounces of
  butter, salt and pepper, one egg, a slice of pork,
  (chopped). Now sprinkle over the top of the goose
  well with salt, pepper and flour. Reserve the
  giblets to boil and chop for the gravy as you
  would for a turkey. Baste the goose repeatedly. If
  it is a green one roast it as least an hour and a
  half; if an older one it would be preferable to
  bake it in an oven with plenty of hot water in the
  baking pan. It should be basted very often with
  this water, and when nearly done baste it with
  butter and a little flour. Bake it three or four
  hours. Decorate the goose with water cresses and
  serve it with the brown giblet gravy in the sauce
  boat. Always serve an apple sauce with this dish.

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