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MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05
      Title: Roast Turkey
      Yield: 4 Servings
  A small turkey, not over seven or eight pounds, is
  best, and it should be roasted not less than three
  hours. If well basted it will not be dry and is
  ruined if underdone. In dressing it be sure that
  it is perfectly clean; and it will be found
  better, unless the fowl is killed on the premises,
  to wash it and wipe dry before stuffing. A very
  nice stuffing is made as follows: One pint of bits
  of bread, soaked a few minutes in hot water and
  then squeezed dry; two small onions, chopped fine,
  and a small slice of pork mixed with them. A stalk
  of celery may also be added. Season with one
  teaspoonful of salt and powdered sage or thyme,
  half teaspoonful of pepper, a tablespoonful of
  melted butter and add two beaten eggs. Mix a
  teaspoonful of salt and a half teaspoonful of
  pepper, and sprinkle the inside of the turkey
  before stuffing. Flour it lightly after it is in
  the the pan, dust with pepper and salt, pour a
  cupful of boiling water in the pan, and roast in a
  steady oven, basting often. At the last baste with
  a spoonful of melted butter and dredge lightly
  with flour, which will make the skin brown and
  crisp. While the turkey is cooking, boil the
  giblets in one quart of water for two hours till
  it is reduced to a pint. Chop them fine and mash
  the liver. When the turkey is done remove it to
  the platter, pour off the fat from the pan and
  pour off the water in which the giblets were
  boiled, stirring well. Add one tablespoonful of
  browned flour and the giblets, with a half
  teaspoonful of salt; boil it up once and pour it
  into the gravy-boat.

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