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The people who inspire me.
Maybe someday I'll get an award. <g>
Do you really care who made this?
Please don't be mean.... I'm sensitive you know.
     Well, I'm not exactly sure where to begin
here. There are a lot of people that have either
knowingly or unknowingly pushed me along the many
times I was ready to throw in the towel, say
forget it and not bother with this site.

     First, and probably most important, is my
sister Charlotte, because without her I would
never have gotten the computer bug to begin with.

     I had thought about doing this site for a
long time before I actually sat down and started
working on it. I had a visual image of what I
wanted and looked and looked for graphics to use.
I couldn't find anything I liked so downloaded
Paint Shop Pro, started fiddling around with it
and followed tutorials on the web. The one that
stands out as being the most helpful to me and
that I keep going back to is Mardi Wetmore's Web
Graphics on a Budget. My original intention was to
use photographs of a homesteady type to amplify on
the theme of my mailing list Homehearth-Food. What
you see is the result of visiting Mardi's page one
day, seeing a change in her homepage background
and buttons. I haven't copied them exactly,
although she wouldn't care if I had, but boy did
they help! So much for being a no talent hack
Mardi! Never let 'em get you down.

     I also knew I wanted to have a search engine
because I know that eventually the number of
recipes on this site will be tremendously huge and
the indexes will become unmanageably large for all
but the fastest computers. This entailed
configuring CGI scripts, and although I have done
them on other sites I have, I'd never done one on
my own domain before and had a tough time figuring
out what my unix paths were. I couldn't have
gotten either the search engine or the links page
done without Eriquito, the support guy at
Esosoft, although next time I really wish you'd
just tell me what I did wrong instead of making me
figure it out myself! Cheesh, how am I supposed to
know that "'s aren't allowed in perl statements?

     Mom, who took over management of the
mailing lists and almost kept what I was doing a
secret. :) I can't do both and when I started
working on the site she unselfishly kept an eye on
things so I could concentrate on this.

     I know that there are a lot of people out
there that have 600X800 displays and some even
bigger, but there are an awful lot of people that
are still running at 600X480 and I haven't
forgotten you. :) Paul Macgregor was especially
instrumental in keeping this uppermost throughout
the design phase of this site because he (along
with myself) hates to have to scroll right to read
a page. I might feel differently if there was a
page right button.....

     I find that especially annoying, right
after loading 80 gazillion banners and buttons.
I've used very few of them here, this is not a
sponsored site and I don't need to acknowledge
anyone other than the authors of the cgi programs
I've used and the RSAC. I believe strongly in what
they are doing and hope my little part helps it
become a net standard.

     I also have to thank my family because I
didn't have to do very much cooking and cleaning
while I tried to get this thing going (not that
I'm that enthusiastic about the cleaning part
anyway) and figuring out how to place everything.

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